Pearce Services provides a comprehensive range of network planning, design engineering, and professional services. From capacity planning through permitting and design, we have full core-to-edge network expertise. Pearce develops central office detail engineering designs as well as outside plant copper, FTTx, and business as usual (BAU) network designs.
Planning and Professional Services
OSP Design Engineering
ISP Network and Detail Engineering

Planning & Professional Services

Value Proposition

Pearce provides comprehensive wireline and wireless network OSP/ISP planning services along with related professional services. Our value add is rooted in our deep understanding of each client’s environment, as well as our expert network of highly competent and experienced network planners and consultants.

Planning Services

  • Network planning:
    • OSP/ISP Transport and access
    • Network design
    • Capacity management
    • Planning package
  • Broadband planning/engineering:
    • OSP/ISP Transport and access
    • Network design
    • Provisioning order issuance
    • System updates: client planning and engineering systems
  • Network services
    • Fixed wireless and DSLAM design
    • Full range backbone/local services
    • Large scale circuit migration/data centers
    • Network augmentation/redesign

Professional Services

  • Project management:
    • Broadband orders: design/build/test & turn-up/order life cycle
    • IOF, BAU, CAF II, FTTN, wireless – full project cycle
    • Decommissioning projects
  • Consulting:
    • OSP/ISP planning processes and systems
    • Wireline/wireless technology
    • Circuit inventory systems
    • Project management systems

OSP Design Engineering

Value Proposition

Our engineering team brings an innovative and flexible approach through modern software automation tools to increase efficiency and quality combined with customized attention to each market’s requirements. Our quality meets the highest standards of tier 1 carriers, utility-owned communication networks and fiber owners.

Engineering Services

  • Outside plant engineering/design
  • Permitting and traffic control
  • Make-ready inspections and recommendations
    • Filding GPS, GIS, and LiDar capable
    • Pole inventory, joint use processing, and pole loading
    • Mapping and inspections
  • Services:
    • FTTN, FTTH, FTTC, FTTB, and GPON design
    • DSL and VDSL design
    • Construction management and inspection
Engineering Services
Value Proposition

ISP Network & Detail Engineering

ISP Network & Detail Engineering

Value Proposition

By closely adhering to the engineering standards of the most demanding tier 1 carriers, Pearce Services has become the preferred choice in sensitive, mission-critical environments.


Central office, VHO, FTTx, submarine networks, wireless, cloud, CDN, multicast, IPTV systems, and CPE.


  • Site surveys
  • Project detail spec development
  • BOM creation tools
  • System design (optical and RF)
  • Client drawing and database updates
  • Product selection and support