Powered by People: Top 5 Pearce Performances of 2022

January 1, 2023

wind technicians image

Great people are the linchpin of success in everything we do. Look no further than our team’s top 5 performances of 2022 and you’ll see why.

Our pride in these amazing triumphs is rooted in accomplishing extraordinary goals as a team. We believe what sets Pearce Services apart comes from combining subject matter experts in different fields with tech-enabled solutions and a culture that promotes innovation, and personal and professional growth.

Kudos to the Pearce Services team.



#1:  Became the renewable energy O&M market leader

As a company on a mission to be the fastest growing independent service provider of engineering, operations, and maintenance services for renewable energy and telecom infrastructure, 2022 was a terrific year.

Thanks to our great team, we not only maintained our position as the largest wireless maintenance provider in the US., but we also exited the year as the renewable energy Operations & Maintenance (O&M) market leader. We have become the leader in defining standards for maintenance and repair in the evolving energy storage industry, the sole provider of EV maintenance and repair services, and the largest wind maintenance and repair provider in the US. We dispatched teams to over 250,000 locations to maintain or repair critical infrastructure – from wind, solar, electric vehicles, energy storage, wireless sites, professional services, and data centers. And we engineered more than 750,000 homes for a fiber optic network.

#2: Won Comparability Award for “Happiest Employees”

We proudly received Comparably’s Best Company – Happiest Employees Award. The annual award rates a combination of factors that contribute to happiness at work including positive environment, fair pay, great benefits, excitement about work and co-workers, clear company goals and investment in them, and pride in company.

The Happiest Employees Award is consistent with our aim to make Pearce the most satisfying workplace by doing meaningful work in support of renewable energy and communications while fostering a team environment.

It also coincides with the increase in our employee Net Promoter Score (NPS), a survey metric used to assess employee loyalty, which rose from +23 in 2021 to +36 in 2022.

We believe employees are our greatest asset. Career paths, developmental training programs, great benefits, and an awesome culture underscore our devotion to making Pearce a coveted place to work and build a career.

#3: Fulfilled our Promise of Safety First

Our 2022 Best in Class TRIR and MVIR safety rates exemplify Pearce’s core value of Safety and our motto “Start SAFE, work SAFE, and finish SAFE”.

Total recordable incident rate (TRIR) is a safety indicator used to evaluate the effectiveness of a company’s safety efforts. It calculates the number of recordable incidents per 100 full-time workers to give companies a snapshot of their safety performance over a one-year period.

Achieving a best-in-class Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations (MVIR) rating is also quite significant, considering that the Pearce team drove 43 million miles in 2022.

#4: Accelerated our Upward Growth Trajectory

In 2022 Pearce Services continued to grow at a fast pace, achieving 30-plus percent year-over-year growth.

To support the upward trajectory, the team expanded 40-plus percent – from 1,800 to more than 2,600 team members. Pearce Services Global alone grew an amazing 99 percent to 739 new employees, which was key to completing engineering work to bring fiber network to homes across the U.S.

#5: Navigated Fierce Headwinds to Succeed

Like all businesses in the renewable energy and telecom sectors in the wake of the pandemic, Pearce faced fierce headwinds on multiple fronts – an extremely difficult labor market, high inflation, soaring gas prices, and supply chain challenges.

Yet, even as these factors drove up costs, our team managed to achieve record profits and revenue growth.



We look forward to 2023 with high aspirations and optimism as our footprint across the renewable energy and telecom sectors continues to grow. After all, we have a great team to take us there.

We’ll be keeping a watchful eye as investments under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, Inflation Reduction Act take hold and other green energy initiatives accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

Continuing to create a happy place to work will top our list of priorities. Hiring and training are a huge emphasis, as we expect our headcount to exceed 4,000. We’ll be very focused on creating career paths for all employees and are building a multimillion-dollar renewable energy training facility in Ft Worth, Texas.

High five to the Pearce team for a great 2022. As a company that’s powered by people, they truly are the linchpin of our success.